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If I have never painted before, can I still do your class?2015-06-01T19:58:39+00:00

I have taught hundreds of students and most have never painted a day in their lives unless you count arts and crafts when we were kids.  🙂

Everyone has an inner artist living inside them and my classes help to bring out everyone’s inner creativity.

What are alcohol ink paintings?2015-06-01T20:04:20+00:00


Alcohol inks are very enjoyable and provide some great color and designs.  I use non-porous surfaces for the classes when using the inks.  My preferred surface is to use tiles for the classes.  The tiles make a great painting surface with the inks.

Do I need to bring anything to class?2015-06-01T20:05:59+00:00

Most classes do not require you bring materials.  I do have some partners who require you purchase materials at their location and usually that information is in the class description.  When in doubt, just send me an email.